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Hello everyone!

Welcome to the Sanatio blog where we share beauty tips and advice, fun ideas/how-to's, recipes, and inspiration for a healthy and joyful lifestyle! I am Kate Delaney, Jen's daughter, and I am excited to share the Sanatio lifestyle with you through our blog ;)

You may be finding stress has been an overwhelming issue recently. I get it. In times a solution is always welcome isn't it?! I've recently been looking into more ways to take a break from the normal, and soak up some self-care that refuels me, so I am very excited to write on this topic!


Seven things you can do to relieve stress


1. Use a neck and shoulder massager

My brother recently bought one of these to help with his tight muscles, and the rest of the family has been using it and finding it to be an awesome stress and tension reliever – even just 5-10 minutes!

    2. Write down a list of 10 things you're thankful for today

      A friend of mine once said gratitude is directly linked to joy, and I don't think that could be more true! Just do it. You'll thank yourself later. (I recommend using your journal or a pad of paper and pencil ;))

       3. Take an aromatherapy bath

      The sound of a tub being filled with water, and the wonderful scent of aromatherapy as you use your favorite essential oils, will be the ultimate comfort.*For stress relief, try Lavender, Ylang Ylang, Clary Sage, German Chamomile, or Melissa essential oil.

      *As always with essential oils, be sure to research them before using them, as they are very concentrated. We recommend using a smaller amount of Ylang Ylang, (2 to 4 drops) because of its intensely calming properties.

          4. Brew a cup of English tea

          Psst. I'm going to let you in on a secret: English tea is 100% underrated. It is incredibly satisfying, and warms you right up like a cup of hot chocolate! A solid amount of creamy milk in your steaming hot tea mug is just the right amount of fat to satiate your mind and put yourself at ease. And now, you'll likely be imagining just what the experience was like in England, two centuries ago.


          5. Watch a comedian, sitcom or comedy sketch for 30 min.

          Laughter does wonderful things. You put your worries aside without thinking, and bask in just finding something funny – the ultimate stress reliever. Not to mention there's also happy endorphin hormones being released in your brain when you laugh!


           6. Put lavender essential oil in your diffuser

          This essential oil is quite synonymous with anti-stress and relaxation, making it a very viable option for you, when you can't settle down or relax. Put 5 to 6 drops in your diffuser, depending on the size of the room.

           7. Set aside 30 min. for quiet time

          This is last on the list, but a big solution. Jen has done quiet times for as long as I've known, and it's her number 1 way of starting out her day right. (I started doing it from her example.) It is revolutionary in keeping your mind, spirit and soul (not to mention your body) healthy, and can be done anytime, anywhere. Whether you use a devotional, Bible, prayer or meditation, (Jen and I do Bible time), it's good to take time to refresh and figure out your true priorities in life.

          I hope a couple of these stood out to you! The next time you are tired or stressed out, take a meaningful break and refuel ;) The greatest thing about these is that screen time is nowhere here, and I encourage that, so you can truly rest not just your mind and tired legs, but your eyes.


          Much Love,



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