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5 Ways to Keep Your Skin Hydrated

January is almost over, and regardless of where you live, your skin is feeling the effects. In northern Michigan, we have to adjust to the harsh weather and endless snowstorms. Our skin doesn’t bounce back so easily, especially as the years go by. One thing that we’ve learned over the years is how to properly guard against extremely dry skin during these months and keep the glow going while the sun is hiding. Here are some of Jen’s tips that she has used over the years, with some additional thoughts from myself (her daughter).

Drink Water

A research center in Portugal did a study on 49 women to see how their intake of water affected the physiological condition of their skin. What they found was that those who consumed more water did not have as dry skin. This suggests that while water is a liquid that we ingest, it very much affects the skin like a topical moisturizer would. 1 The correct amount of water to drink per day is in proportion to your weight, but a generally great rule to go by is to have a couple quarts per day.

Do Daily Skincare Routine

While many already have a skincare routine in the morning or evening, the trick to getting more hydrated skin during the driest months is to apply products at both times of the day. This may look like starting off the day with a facial rinse and then applying serum + toner as a base. At the end of the day, we recommend cleansing your face and using serum + toner again. If your skin is still feeling dry, try using a small amount of body butter to seal in the moisture. I always put my lip balm on at the end of my routine because I tend to forget about it during the day and my lips get chapped. Another important aspect of your routine is remembering the rest of your body and using body oil after a hot shower.

Use a Gentle Cleanser

A vital aspect of a successful skincare routine is getting the right cleanser. As a person with extremely dry skin, using the wrong cleanser can yield terrible effects. The general rule to apply is to avoid using soap of any kind on your face because it is too harsh. Instead, go for oil-based cleansers, and if you do not struggle with dry skin, I would still recommend using one that is more gentle during the winter months.

Spritz Toner Throughout Day

Facial toner is a major part of our skin care routine here at Sanatio because of its amazing pH-balancing properties. What is not as widely known is that your skin can benefit from this property by getting frequent doses of it throughout the day. While the organic Rosa Damascena hydrosol is an immediate mood booster, it also has excellent anti-inflammatory properties that reduce skin redness and puffiness and soothe irritations.2 A spritz here and there will help draw moisture to the dermis and provide more hydration.

Use Heavy Moisturizers during Outdoor Activities

Another way to keep your glow is by beating the weather to the punch. We love to go cross-country skiing here, but our lips and cheeks especially get frostbitten and chapped. We have found that the best way to combat this is by using a heavier moisturizer that acts as a protective layer for the skin. The two products that are most commonly used for this are our body butter and lip balm. When I was younger, I would put vanilla lip balm on my lips and cheeks, and it did the job.

A final thought with all of this: remember to give your skin grace. You have a lot going on, and it’s okay to not have everything put together. Just implementing one or two of these into your life will do so much for your body and provide another way to take care of yourself well.

Stay warm out there!♡

Jen (founder) & Kate (daughter)


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