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Sanatio Skincare’s Humble Beginnings

It is late morning in June of 2011, and a forty-year-old Jen Delaney stands on the lawn by her house to pose for a newspaper article. Her husband, Bill, snaps the picture that includes the newly formulated all-natural tinted lip glosses that her customers have requested. The young company has already released a successful lip … Read more

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A drink of water, please.

    A drink of water, please. Jen here 🙂 Are you thirsty and feeling drained? …feel a headache coming on? Do you need a rescue? Dehydration can profoundly impact our energy, headaches, muscle recovery, detoxification, and even our skin’s vibrancy! So, reach for your favorite glass and sip some water while we review the … Read more

Winter Skin Care Tips

Jen here 😉  We are in the middle of winter, and your skin may already be feeling extra dry! If this is you, I want to share a few things we can easily do to combat these winter skin blues.

Seven things you can do to relieve stress

You may be finding stress an overwhelming issue presently, or just in the background, but no matter what, a solution is always welcome isn’t it?! I’ve recently been looking into more ways to take a break from the normal, and soak up some self-care that refuels me, so I am very excited to write on this topic!