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“My passion has always been to help people get healthy. Whether it’s a tip on a food to eliminate or add, a habit to change, or how to exercise more efficiently, I’d always encourage people to live a healthier lifestyle. Eventually, my husband and I found ourselves planting fruit and nut trees, gardening, and learning how to compost.

Toward the end of 2009, my husband started learning about medicinal herbs and realized that some of the old “folk” cures may, in fact, be better than many of the alternatives we’d been accustomed to. Then it hit me. What was the point of eating the most nutritional food and yet slathering my skin with chemicals every day?

Jen, pictured above, picking greens from one of her square foot gardens.

We carefully researched what was needed to make an excellent lip balm and after many a trial-and-error, we came up with a couple of formulations. The feedback we received was that this was the best lip balm people had ever used! A friend referred us to a local co-op and before we knew it, they wanted to sell it… What started out as something for our family became our family business!

Our goal is to create the highest quality lipcare and skincare products using organic oils & butters – no unpronounceable chemicals – to heal your skin and make you feel beautiful inside and out.

We encourage you to try our products. They are not just great for your lips and skin, they promote good health.

I am convinced the natural way is better.”

– Jen Delaney

Owner and co-founder