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Savings Bundle – Lip Balm Variety

$12.99 Inc Tax

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This consists of 1 each of natural, peppermint, vanilla, and wintergreen lip balms in 0.15 ounce sticks.

  • Uses Only Unprocessed High-Quality Organic Oils and Butters
  • Protects, Softens, and Nourishes Your Lips
  • Uses Unrefined Organic Cocoa Butter With a Light Scent of Chocolate
  • Beeswax is a Natural Hydrating Ingredient that Increases Essential Moisture in Your Lips
  • Scented Only With Essential Oils – NEVER any Artificial Scents
  • All Natural and Organic Ingredients
  • 100% No-Risk Money-Back Guarantee

Sanatio lip balm comes in 5 scents: chai, peppermint, tea tree, vanilla, and wintergreen as well as unscented.  Our lip balms are made with organic oils and butters, and only scented with essential oils.  Too, our beeswax is excellent in purity and quality.  Our Organic Shea butter has been minimally processed, so it retains beneficial antioxidants and high levels of Vitamins A and E. It powerfully renews, repairs, and protects the skin against aging and a harsh climate!  We love them, and you will too!

Our Sanatio Peppermint lip balm has a cocoa butter base which is naturally high in fatty acids which are hydrating and nourishing, improving skin’s elasticity.  The unrefined cocoa butter is creamy, chocolaty, and is naturally rich in Vitamin E.  This beautiful emollient is great for dry skin conditions because it soothes and hydrates dry scaly skin! Our cocoa butter is certified organic, fair trade, kosher certified, and non-GMO project verified. This balm has become a favorite flavor for us! We’re sure you’ll agree!  Peppermint is anti-inflammatory and cools the skin, while invigorating and lifting the spirit! This chocolate mint balm goes on silky smooth and is also our base for CocoTintsTM tinted balm.

Our shea butter Sanatio lip balm comes in four scents: chai, tea tree, vanilla, and wintergreen, as well as unscented.  Shea butter provides the best protection for dry skin, not only nourishing the skin with Vitamins A and E, but also preventing the skin from losing precious hydration. It is second only to beeswax.

In a 0.15 ounce stick.

Feel free to call me at (989) 251-1024 if you have any questions.


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